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We work with mindful individuals and brands focused on leading their industries and communities toward a better future. Whether just starting off or maintaining your position at the top, we can help you win.

Our Services

What we do.

There is a formula to greatness, and we’ve spent several years studying and testing exactly what that equation is. Here’s our end-to-end service offerings:

Content Creation & Management

Branded Templates, Video Editing, Content Creation, Copywriting, Publishing Schedule Management, Hashtag Optimization


Article Placements in Top-Tier Publications, Magazines & Print, ‘Top 10’ Lists, Award Nominations, Journalist Interviews, Do-Follow Backlinks (SEO), Cover Art Creation, Television Appearances.


Ghost Writing and Editing, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Seller list, Book Cover Design, Audiobook Creation, Publishing Samples, Book Store Outreach


Podcast Tour, Guest Speaker on Top Podcasts. Podcast Distribution, Ranking ‘Top Shows’ on Apple Podcast.


Influencer Marketing, Incentivized Growth, Engagement Boosting, Ads & Promotions, Targeted Growth Across All Major Platforms, Domestic and International Growth, Viral Campaigns.


High-level consultations, proven conversion strategies, strategic connections, industry know-how, account auditing, step-by-step execution plan.

WEB Development & SEO

Website Development, Funnel Optimization, Ads Integration, Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, Google Map Packs, Google My Business Verification.

Branding & Design

Logo, Social Media Setup Packages, Branding Style Guide, Business Cards, Letterheads, Proposal Templates, Banner Templates, Social Media Content Templates.


Speech Creation, Sizzle (Introductory) Reel Production, Schedule Speaking Engagements.

Lead Generation

Ads Campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and Google), Time Square Billboards, Email Marketing, Referral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Podcast Ad and Sponsorship Campaigns.

About us

We help mindful brands & personalities find their voice and share it with the world.

We pride ourselves in providing the tools to those with the vision and courage to bend humanity in the right direction. When change-makers have ideas worth spreading, it’s our job to make sure billions of people know about it. Here’s how:

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Our Team.

Meet Our Expert Team.

We’ve hand selected an all-star team obsessed with being on the cutting-edge of media and providing the best overall client experience.

Michael Graziano


Bryce Knutson

VP Partnerships

Manisha Singh

Senior Writer

Samantha Renfro


Dylan Vanas


Chrystina Richardson

Account Manager

Chris Hughes

Senior Writer

Yash Omparkash

Web Designer / SEO

Case Studies.

  • Your Brain Coach

    Helping Jim Kwik reach millions and remain the top brain coach in the world.

  • All over Netflix

    Helping Anjali Bhimani become a best selling author and top actress from Apex legends, the Legend of Vox Machina, Special, Modern Family, and much more.

  • 100% sustainable food

    Getting press and TV for canadian Nick Spina who partners with Gary Vaynerchuk to create delicious, healthy, fully recyclable meal prep with Live Fit Foods and Ethey.

  • NFT Fashion

    Helping Space Runners become the top Meta fashion designer and prominent fashion brand in the metaverse.

  • Big In Paris

    Helping Eva Fleurose expand from a local model to global fashion icon.

  • Shoot for the moon!

    Telling the story of billionaire and best selling author Naveen Jain’s transition from space to health with his custom supplement company Viome.

  • Wisdom Gone Viral

    Expanding viral sensation and Yogi Master Sri's influence to Canada and beyond.

  • The Money Man

    Expanding the reach of 18x best selling author, investor, and 2x World Record Holder, Rob Moore.

  • Brooklyn’s Hottest New Designer

    Helping Rich Tu become an award-winning designer and working with the world’s top brands.

  • Age 50 Never Looked So Good

    Helping Funk Roberts train people to be in the best shape of their life at age 30, 40, 50 and beyond!

  • Inventing A New Path To Health

    Helping the 2021 Entrepreneur of The Year, TEDx speaker, best selling author and inventor Ashley Black design the next wave of products that will reverse biological aging.

  • If There\'s A Will Theres A Way

    Helping celebrity best selling author Davinia Taylor launch her new health product line, Will Powders.

  • The Clubhouse Wedding

    Following Natasha and Michael Graziano\'s wedding viewed by over 27,000 virtual attendees.

  • Mind Map Your Way To Success

    Helping mind map mastermind and best selling author Mike Zeller become a major force in the coaching industry.

  • Podcast Titan

    Helping Tech Entrepreneur Scott Clary take over with the #1 business education podcast in the world.


What our Clients have to Say.

"I love working with Mindful Agency for two main reasons, it’s a partnership and they get shit done. They take your thoughts and ideas seriously, consider all of them and incorporate as much as they can into your PR. They are willing to adapt, make changes, and do what is necessary so you get the attention you desire. Their support has transformed my business from a success to a successful business that has a spotlight shinning on it. I love working their entire team"

Alex Terranova

"They embody mindfulness in every aspect of business. They work with integrity, honesty, incredible speed, and highest quality content. Highly recommended."

Adam Roa

"These guys understand the game. I came to them looking for help leveraging media to partner with established organizations. And their press got me just that, partnerships with the top universities in America for my app. If you want to win with press, go with Mindful."

Indi Wijay

“Publicity is so important, I married my publicist"

Natasha Graziano

“For 30 years, I have never worked with a PR firm. Until Mindful came along, and now I have finally found my partner"

Forbes Riley

“The bigger PR firms just don't get it. We need new age media solutions to win in business. And Mindful Agency was our complete solution. Our revenue is up 70% since we've started with them"

Ashley Black

“I'm so grateful of my articles with Mindful Agency. They allowed me to control my narrative with the drafts, and then published it on the the most respected media outlets on the internet. I'm forever grateful”

Derek Jameson

“Incredible what Mindful is capable of. They are literally everywhere right now.”

Jim Kwik

“We used Mindful Agency to acquire a top instagram account to kickstart our new brand in the meal prep industry. They have also helped us get into the top media outlets in the world. It’s helped us raise money, and our investors are thrilled."

Nick Spina

“Fu#k!ing Legends"

Danelle Delgado

“They are simply the best. Press has helped me speak at 3-5 new events per month, charging top dollar. Mindful helped me step into my greatness"

Amberly Lago

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