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About the Host

  • Michael Graziano is a dynamic figure in the world of media, dedicated to transforming the way individuals build their personal brands. With his innovative approach and deep understanding of the industry, he is revolutionizing traditional methods and paving the way for new possibilities.

  • Youngest Canadian man to visit every UN country, capturing international attention: Graziano made headlines as the youngest Canadian man to embark on a remarkable journey, visiting all the countries in the United Nations. His extraordinary feat garnered widespread recognition and captured the attention of international media platforms, establishing him as a true adventurer and explorer.

  • Founded Mindful Agency, a dynamic PR agency for mindful individuals and brands: Recognizing the power of mindfulness and its impact on personal and professional success, Graziano founded Mindful Media. The agency specializes in working with mindful individuals and brands focused on leading their industries and communities toward a better future. By combining PR expertise with a mindful approach, Graziano and his team provide unique and impactful strategies for clients.

  • Remote, international agency with a focus on well-being and personal growth: Mindful Media operates as a remote, international agency, bringing together a diverse team from around the world. Graziano prioritizes the well-being and personal growth of his team members, fostering a company culture that encourages mindfulness, intention-setting, and a shared sense of purpose. This unique approach not only benefits the team but also enhances the quality of service provided to clients.